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William Foody

William Foody

East Coast born and raised, William is wired to be direct, and hard working. He displays an innate passion for how things work, and for getting work done. William’s curiosity for construction has been refined as a sharp eye for Web Design, and an excitement for ever-changing Internet Marketing strategy. He is the kind of person that enjoys challenging assumptions, and digging deep into problems to find the route cause. When he’s not at his computer, you can find William trying new types of food, taking his beloved K9 companion to Dog Beach, or looking for any reason to enjoy a nice evening with friends.

  • Facebook 95%
  • Graphic Design 80%
  • Digital Marketing 90%
Kira Gandolfi

Kira Gandolfi

Kira is a planner by nature- she’s meticulous, and sees beauty in things that run at maximum efficiency. An extensive background in nonprofit management has molded Kira into a humble, but strong leader who brings a methodological frame of mind and predisposition for helping people to each project she works on. Kira performs tasks with unrivaled attention to detail, and takes pride in exceeding expectations. Her positive outlook on life and appreciation for the small things make her the kind of person that is just easy to get along with. Kira is a self proclaimed detective in her spare time, and enjoys pondering life’s little mysteries on one of the many pristine San Diego beaches.

  • Project Management 85%
  • Operations 75%
  • Writhing 95%

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As it turns out, my best advice for professional networking reads similarly to a dating advice column. After all, in both cases you are working towards building a mutually beneficial relationship. Networking can be one of the most rewarding uses of your time, setting your business up for short term and long term success.
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5 Digital Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Many small business owners know they need a digital marketing plan but don’t know where to begin. We hope the following 5 tips can help narrow down some areas to focus on. Before trying to jump in the deep end, take baby steps and only focus on one thing. The next 5 tips should help any small business get on their way to digital marketing success.
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Get Down With Your Social Self

Social media is a phenomenal way to promote your business and interact with existing or potential customers. The most important realization that you need to have about your profile pages is that they are your own little communities within your larger industry community. They are living, breathing hubs for communication. Although the aim of your social media profiles should be to attract a following of people who are interested in employing your services, recognize the importance of community, and the power of association. When a potential follower comes across your profile and finds something that makes them feel as if they’re a part of something – an association of like-minded people- they’re going to stick around.


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