As small business owners we know that one of the “secrets” to online success is creating fresh, compelling content. Sitting down to write this post I feel like I want it to be a masterpiece, I want it to be everything that I know and everything that my reader wants to know.

The blog of all blogs!

What an awful way to begin. If you find yourself standing on the edge of a (metaphorical) cliff about to jump headfirst into the wide open abyss – step back from that ledge my friend.

The first thing to consider at this point is who you’re writing or posting for. Social Media is a channel through which you can connect with people who you want to connect with. Identify who your customer is, and in turn you’ve discovered who you want to be following your social media pages. Once you know who that person is, go ahead and stand in their shoes. If you were your customer, what would interest you? What images or videos or titles would make you do the one thing we’re all hoping for – CLICK.

Now, how do you want to portray your company? First impressions have never been more important than they are within the world of Social Media. Just as easy as someone can Like a post or Follow you, they can also Unlike and Unfollow. Make sure that whatever you choose to share, that it is genuinely representative of your company. Your content should have a voice- a style- that is true, and consistent. Without this consistency your first impression is going to be that you’re a hot mess.

So what if your target customer lies within a categorically large demographic? You can use different social media outlets in unique ways. Facebook’s Timeline supports big and bold visuals, so this is a good place to be adventurous with your posts – go big or go home. Your company’s Twitter feed is better utilized for keeping your customer engaged in real time happenings. Did your CEO just dominate in an impromptu ping pong tournament? Give him or her some street cred by letting your followers know! Conversely, keep your LinkedIn unique to your expertise. Post and share informative and forward thinking material that supports the trends of your industry.

There are literally hundreds of Social Media and networking websites to choose from, but whichever sites you sign up for, make sure you use your real estate wisely. Don’t forget you’re not always posting to make a pitch. Entertain your readers, make them laugh, give them something worth sharing. So, go ahead and get to it – your audience is waiting!