Facebook Advertising Process

Facebook Advertising Process

Our Proven Process Ensures Campaign Success

Any successful advertising campaign will follow similar steps.

Create The Idea

Research The Market

Identify The Goal

Set The Budget

Design The Creative

Build & Launch The Campaign

Analyze & Optimize

Create The Idea

At the start of the campaign creating the idea can be a daunting task. Without process you can overthink this. The creation of a persona helps form the initial idea. An example could be Billy, who lives in Timbuktu, and has a dog that is need of a checkup. We know know the location, gender, pet and service for our idea.

Research the Market

Now that that hard part is out of the way, we can Begin to Research the Market. We have already created our persona, now we just need to take advantage of the great tools Facebook has to offer. Once we plug in all the information from our idea it will let us know exactly how many people we can target. We can mix and match different options to get the best targeting for our idea.


Create The Goals

The goal of the campaign is to get more customers, but there’s different ways of doing this.

  • Awareness: focuses on getting the most eyes on your business
  • Consideration: focuses on getting the most interaction with your business
  • Conversion: focuses on getting leads for your business

Figuring out this step will help measure the success of the advertising.

Set The Budget

Setting the budget is crucial. This will let you know if you will be profitable. You have to take everything into account when planning your budget:

  • Advertising Spend
  • Cost per Click
  • Total Estimated Lead Amount
  • Overhead costs
  • Average Customer Spend (Life Time Customer Value)

All of this information will be important in calculating your optimal budget.


Design The Creative

We now arrive at designing the creative. This is what is going to capture the attention of our persona. We need to think of:

  • Messaging
  • Imagery
  • Colors

Each element will play into the initial persona. We can use images of the dogs you know are popular in your neighborhood or colors that work with the gender you have selected.


Build & Launch The Campaign

Now that we have all the pieces we can finally start the build and launch of the campaign. Facebook has made this process fairly simple to setup these days. There’s only one problem with that, they try to get the most money from you. Selecting the correct settings and structure can take time to learn. At this point we always have someone take a look at everything we built before we launch our campaign.

Analyze and Optimize

Now that the campaign is launched we can Analyze and Optimize the campaign. You don’t need to go in there every day, but checking in at least once a week will help you adjust your campaign. Facebook’s reporting is very robust and allows you to see things like:

  • Cost per click
  • Gender engagement
  • Device type used
  • Age
  • Plus More

All of this will allow us to adjust the campaign to get a better return on investment.

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